Welcome to the Information [Overload] Age

In the Industrial Age, knowledge was power.

  • The Industrial Age was a resource/raw materials-based economy.
  • Access to knowledge was limited to those with significant means.
  • Those who combined rare knowledge with raw materials and the means to shape them using advanced machinery were the alchemists of the day.

In the Information [Overload] Age, attention is power.

  • The Information [Overload] Age is a knowledge/network-based economy.
  • Knowledge is a click away. Information overload is a few clicks away.
  • In the sea of ubiquitous knowledge, those who can command attention by delivering unique, memorable and valuable experiences around that knowledge will be the alchemists of the day.

Making Books: A Printing Workshop in 1947.

How many machines and workers were involved in printing a single page…this excellent video typifies the industrial age mentality/model of old.

As technology frees us from repetitive tasks, how does our educational system compensate for this saved time? What are we teaching?

Are we teaching kids to get the right answer without ever having to ask a single question? We must push toward the virtual information age.

Many of the jobs necessary to keep today’s and tomorrow’s labor productive, challenged, satisfied and fulfilled have yet to be invented.

[ Thanks to @rashford for the heads up ]